A changing game

"The media and technology landscape is rapidly changing; we are in an era of constant change. It’s paramount within a complex and competitive media environment to maximise reach affordably." - Chris Hair.

What this means for you

Lets look at who you are trying to influence, and understand the media channels they are consuming. It no longer makes economic sense to deliver advertising messages to the many in the hopes to persuade a few.
Let us deliver a strategic, integrated media communication solution for your business.
*Ideation Media is accredited to all media channels.

Fingers on the pulse

A substantial point of difference over other media agencies, is the assurance that Ideation subscribe to the full suite of research tools available in media planning: Nielsen Clear Decisions, Market Intelligence, Online ratings, Fusion, Prrads, and Arianna.

Comforting for clients in such an aggressive, biased, and complex media environment.